Intelligent intralogistics

for your internal supply chain management

The intralogistics parts of your company consist of a diverse range of challenges like transporting, conveying, picking, processing, storing and handling. IA offers a tailored logistic solution, helping out your company to become more efficient and organized.

IA has the answer for your intralogistics requirements, whether it is production, internal transportation or handling of your products. A tailored solution will help out to reaching your goals and will efficiently organize your production, warehouse and distribution center.

What we can do.

IA’s expertise in intralogistics solutions gives us the knowledge, to create systems that can handle the entire internal material flow. Your requirements are always our starting point and our solutions are focused on your overall needs. 
IA builds complete systems which our customers profit from. Through great relationships with our partners, we are able to customise components if needed. This gives us the freedom of thinking out of the box, when it comes to building tailored systems. 
IA believes that interaction and compatibility among all the components play a very important role, in securing the best result. We help you to stay competitive and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.