Optimizing storage, making parking parcels, easy and reliable.


Every production line, warehouse, distribution centre etc. need to park their goods for a limited period of time. IA can tailor a solution, that is exactly right for you, whether it is pallets, walls, containers or other elements that needs a place to stay. Enhancing your storage efficiency is our main goal, whether we are using pallet racks and containers to miniload systems and dynamic storage-retrieval machines or shuttle systems.


Storage refers to parking goods for future use. IA offers you different kinds of semi-automated and automated storage and retrieval systems, regardless of the goods being stored. Our solutions are often based on the principle of chaotic warehousing, where the storage is ever changing, optimizing storage space and storage-retrieval speed.

Storage systems are an essential part of modern intralogistics, where standardized pallets have become the prevalent system for storing goods. Whether you are look for pallet racks, a high bay warehouse, customized storage etc. with manual, partially of fully automated processes, we can provide the needed guidance.

Our solutions will help you to optimize your warehouse storage space, only using what is necessary for maximum utilization and the possibilities are almost unlimited.





Chaotic warehousing at Fresvik

Chaotic warehousing at Fresvik