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IA is an award-winning automation development company for logistic solutions, designing and developing state of the art systems for industrial applications. We offer complete solutions with touch-optimised usability and top-quality design – creating extraordinary results, through innovative designs.

Our flexible team of designers, usability experts, and developers works in our offices at Sjællands vej 16 in Hobro. IA was founded by Steffen Pedersen, with the idea of developing and implementing complete logistics systems.

How we work.

We believe that speed, reliability and professionalism are essential in guaranteeing that your products are running smoothly and efficiently, throughout the entire life cycle of your automation solution. Therefore, we are open-minded, when it comes to specific and individual customer requirements. In addition to our experience from everyday operations and findings from research and development, feedback from our customers also helps us to deliver the best service possible.



In an industrial environment, there are different stakeholders, when it comes to a new system. The aim is to draw insights, that will help us to bring together the requirements of all business units involved. During this phase, we visit the production facilities, which helps us to understand the user requirements and gives us an idea on, how our system would work, under realistic conditions.

We record and document, the individual processes and user tasks, which gives us insight into the daily routines. Together with meetings, interviews and standardised ISO questionnaires, we will have user-focussed data, that will help us forming the conception.



Focus on usability, user experience and user interface are key, in framing the system’s design and processes. Usability effectiveness and efficiency, together with user interaction and experience, contribute to success of the end-product. With Industry 4.0 and Smart Technology in mind, the design of a system must be adaptable, have flexible interfaces and be intuitively to use.

A consistent concept helps guide the user, through task-oriented operating procedures, whether they would be automatic, semi-automatic or manual. In order to give the user confidence and operating reliability, IA implement animated help functions and intuitive user interface. This should give a great user experience, which should result in a higher efficiency on the production line.



In most cases, our concepts and designs are compatible with any platforms and technologies, and we always keep a close eye on, what is happening, in regards to industrial logistic frameworks and robotics. Knowledge gathered from previous projects, has given us insight in common technologies in an industrial environment. Therefore, we are able to create feasible and scalable designs, which are tailor-made for the different requirements the end-products should have.

Our team has got extensive know how in the field of automation and intralogistics. In the industrial sector, it is an advantage to use open standard-based technology, and where design, content and functionality can be separated. This enables a quicker development process and at the same time, creates more sustainable results for our partners.



With our many years of experience and success, in the field of automation, robotics and intralogistics, enable us, to help our partners, with support and know-how in their decision making. Thereby giving them an advantage, when it comes to creating solutions that brings added value to the company and interests within.

Our partners are advised extensively and thoroughly, as the intralogistics concept and product strategy are tailored to the new automatic system, robotic cell etc. Investing in a future-proof industrial system, is a decision that usually starts more extensive restructuring processes in the company.


Project Managing

Planning the project properly, forms the framework of our work and is essentially important for the quality of the end product. Together with our partners, we frame the project, so that the objectives and goals are clear and the strategies on how we proceed are made, this within the given time and budget. If we are dealing with a more complex project or the formulation of the tasks are unclear, we would initially perform a deeper analysis, which could include a workshop.

Our team would organise the requirements and quickly gain knowledge on various important topics, if required. During the project’s lifespan, we would constantly keep an eye on the expenditures, delivery time and quality of the product.  



Throughout the entire lifespan of the project, we gather information regarding the processes and generally findings. The results and specifications are collected continuously, and all our decisions will be recorded and presented in a user-friendly way. This gives us and our partners, an understanding of the processes in the project, which can be used going forward.

In order to give the users an optimal experience and thereby the best condition for optimal operation, all the information regarding the end-product is made available to all stakeholders involved. A complete user guide is created, even dough our systems should be intuitive to use. This to answer the most basic useability questions and more importantly, how to maintain the product.

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