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Flexible and intuitive IEC61131-3 automation platform that makes your life easier


Straton is a polyvalent automation and data processing environment for embedded platforms, compliant with the IEC61131-3 standard. The straton software consists of development tools, an integrated Editor and a Runtime engine. It is available as a complete suite or as individual software components.

Soft PLC

The Editor allows to develop applications with the different IEC61131-3 languages (ST, FBD, SFC, LD, IL). Tools are available for fieldbus configuration, automated configuration and online project diagnosis.

The Runtime ensures the processing of the IEC61131-3 application developed with the Editor. It can be integrated on any software platform – independently of the hardware configuration and operating system – and supports a wide set of drivers and communication protocols such as Modbus, Profinet, BACnet, CANopen, Powerlink, IEC61850 and IEC60870. It allows manufacturers to offer more flexibility to their employees or final users for the programming of their equipment. Those can be PLCs, intelligent man-machine interfaces (such as dashboards), motor or axis control, RTU (for energy or utilities), embedded systems or even production machines.

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The IEC61131-3 industry standard from the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) defines the main programming languages used by developers to create applications for programmable logic controllers (PLCs):

  • SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  • ST (Structured Text)
  • FBD (Function Block Diagram)
  • LD (Ladder Diagram)
  • IL (Instruction List)