HMI Panels

Cost effective and easy to use


Our HMI (Human-Machine Interface) by Wecon, connects the user to a machine, system or device. The HMI display screens are available from 3.5in to 15in, can be mounted or used as a stand-alone device and has an excellent communication stability.

HMI Panels

WECON is a high technology company in automation products and solutions. The Wecon HMI has been widely recognized by the market for economical and practical, fast response speed, high configuration, multiple options etc.

The PI HMI series comes in a variety of forms and can be used as built-in screens on machines, to computer monitors. Each version is a joy to use, the graphics are brilliant with easy selection options plus built-in ethernet to support a variety of networks.

The HMI panels can communicate through Ethernet, COM1, COM2 and USB connections. The panels are also compatible with following PLC manufactures: WECON, ABB, Danfoss, DELTA, FATEK, MITSUBISHI, MODBUS, OMRON, Panasonic, Rockwell, Schneider, SIEMENS, YASKAWA and more.

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The PI3000 series comes in display sizes: 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 7 inch and 10.2 inch

Example of a PI3000 panel data

  • CPU A35 1.2GHz, 128M Flash, 128M DDRAM
  • Display:7 inches; Resolution: 800*480; Display color: 16,000k colors
  • Interfaces: a serial port. COM1: RS232, RS422 or RS485.
  • USB interfaces: USB Host/USB Client
  • Remote monitoring and WVPN pass-through download.
  • 3070ig-C supports related functions of V-NET, Ethernet pass-through download and sync data to cloud.


The PI8000 series comes in display sizes: 7 inch, 10.2 inch and 10.4 inch

Example of a PI8000 panel data

  • Hardware: CORTEX A8 600MHZ CPU, DDRII 512MB RAM, 2GB FLASH
  • Display size: 7 inch
  • Resolution: 800×480 TFT LCD, 16,000k colors
  • Interface: RS232/RS485/RS422 (5 COM ports available)
  • Storage: Support Date Storage, SD Card, U Disk
  • Mobile Apps supported, Cloud monitor supported, Multiple users supported, communication encrypted.
  • Programmed by PIStudio
  • WINCE7.0 LINUX is optional


Some of the projects, where we have used Wecon HMI Panels , as a part of the complete solution.